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New production facility in Levice


Location: Levice (SK)

Client: /

Job: Project for a new production

facility in Levice. (SK)

Date: 2011

Amount of work: /

Project: Feasibility study

by Arch. P. Bandini

Collaborators: /

Contractor: /

Category (table z-1): E-02


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The aim of the intervention is to increase the production capacity of the settlement by building a new industrial building with a plan size of approximately 4,800 m2 and which develops alternately on two or three floors for a total height of 10 or 14 m. respectively. In addition to the main building, the construction of a self-supporting warehouse with a plan size of approximately 3,000 m2 for a height of 14 m must be planned. The construction will be preceded by the demolition / dismantling of existing structures, structures in light carpentry or in any case in concrete of reduced heights (max 4 m.).


The factory will have to be developed on an area of ​​approximately 4,800 m2 on two or three floors; below we briefly describe the two-story hypothesis.

On the ground floor will be installed:

The raw materials silos that will arrive in large quantities via containers, for which a separate entrance and suitable unloading area must therefore be provided (see layout on the right with respect to the factory) connected via the sewage system to the purification plant; Packaging lines.

On the first floor will be installed:

Suitable pre-weighing area for components with smaller quantities; All mixers for the manufacture of Mass products; Tanks for the storage of bulk products that will be fed from the top to the packaging lines; The machinery of a hypothetical / future supplier that through Hall in the Wall will feed the packaging lines of the primary packaging material; The Offices and Laboratories that will be developed on a total of about 900 m2 where 6 open spaces must be provided respectively for the Packaging and Finished Product control laboratories, raw materials / bulk / microbiological control laboratories, research / development laboratory, technical / production offices , logistics offices, administrative offices and some individual offices. Self-supporting warehouse: The warehouse must be equipped with high-height shelves that will support the roof structure and facades; the shelving must be positioned in such a way as to guarantee the passage of "trilateral" trolleys with man on board (therefore have corridors of about 1.6 m) and must have 8 floors; the first two are 2 meters high, the other 6 are 1.5 meters high to respectively allow the storage of finished products and packaging materials. Inside the Warehouse, sprinklers must be present both on the shelf and on the ceiling as per current UNI standards, as well as smoke and heat evacuators positioned on the roof of the building. The warehouse must have facades and roofs supported by "self-supporting" shelving which must rest on a suitable reinforced concrete screed. quartz and helicopter finish; the facades and the roof must be provided with panels with high thermal insulation and REI 120 fire resistance; two connections to the factory of 3x4 m dimensions must be provided, suitably separated with sectional and fire doors, again REI 120.