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Hotel and fitness in Legnano


Location: Legnano (MI)

Client: Erif Invest s.r.l.

Job: Project for Hotel and Fitness

Center in Legnano (MI)

Date: 2009-2010

Cost of works: € 25,000,000

Project: Feasibility study by 

Arch. P. Bandini

Collaborators: /

Contractor: /

Opera category (table z-1): E-04


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The project concerns the construction of a "luxury" hotel, equipped with all comforts and cutting-edge technological equipment, as well as a wellness and spa area, including a gym, indoor pool and relaxation areas, an elevated restaurant and of office and service spaces for the management of the complex. The tower, which extends from 15 to 85 meters, contains 180 rooms and suites, equipped with private outdoor spaces and breathtaking views. The external glass walls allow the building to express a strong image of its own and highlight it in the panorama as a tower of light.The projecting volumes contain the suites which, in some cases, are developed on two levels. of all the interior furnishings, contributes to the creation of a "design hotel" of great charm. Inside the structure, the natural light that enters through the atrium to illuminate the space is one of the features of the hotel. Equally interesting is the peaceful refuge created by the sunlit trees and vegetation planted in the atrium and the teak lobby capable of incorporating nature into an artificial space. In a square skyscraper, 01architetti has created an elegant hotel concept that connects with the lively environment of the surrounding Milan business district without succumbing to its fast pace.Its highlight is the atrium that begins with the ground floor hotel and flies up to 15 meters high. Trees and plants immersed in the atrium reflect the Italian cultural tradition of living in harmony with nature. This peaceful retreat of trees and greenery, exposed to sunlight through the glazed roof, is a place of great interest.All rooms are exterior facing and 01architetti's interior design concept is based on specially selected Italian furniture, sensually shapes curves and walls covered in soft fabric - which creates an absorbent pillow for guests from city distractions - just like custom-fit neck pillows, ensuring a good night's sleep. The roof terrace offers an open-air experience of elegance and peaceful rest.


Area of ​​the area: 11,000 square meters. | Total built area: 10,000 square meters. | Wellness & SpA: 2,000 sqm. | Offices and service spaces: 1,000 square meters. | Restaurant: 500 sqm. | Luxury Hotel: 6500 sqm. | Built volume: 44,000 m3 | Total height: 85 mt.