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Legnano office building


Location: Legnano (MI)

Client: Erif One s.r.l

Job: Project for an office building in Legnano (MI)

Date: 2010-2011

Amount of works: € 1,500,000.

Project: Executive and final design and construction supervision by Arch. P. Bandini

Collaborators: /

Contractor: /

Artwork category (table z-1): E-16


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The lot is part of an urban area located in the north-east area of ​​Legnano structured along Viale Luigi Cadorna, the backbone for the prefiguration of a new part of the city. The area is characterized by a residential structure, which has maintained large green areas as a positive balance of the housing structure, and the proximity to the motorway junction capable of ensuring access to an extended territorial mobility system for the new settlement. The proposed intervention may constitute a new element of the contemporary urban scenario capable of establishing quality criteria that guide future projects.


OFFICE AREA PROJECT (ground floor - 1st floor - 2nd floor) Three complementary areas are defined which can be summarized as: Working spaces and meeting rooms; Archive service, press areas, storage area, toilets. Relax area. Within this division, the spaces necessary for the functionality of the office "structure" are identified and sized. The Operating spaces are organized on linear schemes through a succession of workstations able to guarantee suitable lighting requirements, environmental comfort and proximity to the service areas to optimize movements and internal dynamics. The Accessory spaces complete the equipment necessary for the contemporary needs of working in the office, introducing areas dedicated to specific types of work, breaks and relaxation. The organization of the usable spaces is completed by the terrace, pertaining to the second floor, interpreted as an external expansion of the work, hospitality and relaxation space. The predominant element of the entire project is transparency. The clear objective of giving diffused light on one side and the possibility of enjoying the view of the green outside on the other are the engines that have pushed to make the building as transparent as possible. The possibility of working in the work area workstations without being disturbed by the glare effect will be guaranteed by the shading produced by the painted sheet metal extension on the ground and second floors, while on the first floor it will be guaranteed by the adoption of screen-printed glass and, for a area, from brise soleil. The external cladding of the building is made up of painted sheet metal panels mounted on special support structures. The main structure of the building is planned in prestressed reinforced concrete. The project involves the construction of an underground car park on 2 levels. The two parking levels have vehicle access via a ramp directly connected to the main street. Inside there are car parks of suitable size to ensure parking and movement for people with reduced mobility.



Area of ​​the area: 1,125 square meters. | Total built area: 1778 sqm. | Commercial area: 978 sq.m. Parking area: 1.000 sqm. | Total built volume: 5,600 m3 | Total height: 14 mt.