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Expansion of the  San Martino hospital


Location: Genova (GE)

Client: Proposal to a S. Martino Hospital (GE)

Job: Proposal for a project for

the expansion of the S. Martino Hospital (GE)

Date: 2007-2012

Amount of work: /

Project: Feasibility study by Arch. P. Bandini

Collaborators: /

Company: /

Category (table z-1): E-10


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The analysis of the place where the hospital currently stands convinced us to tackle the project with a dual vision: on the one hand, the creation of the new block whose structures can make it possible to achieve those objectives indicated in the legislative decrees of recent years and by another is the analysis of what exists and the subsequent proposal for reuse connected to activities linked to the hospital world. This choice has led us to exclude the possibility of renovating the existing pavilions for medical use in the strict sense (therapy and treatment), as we consider this work not economically sustainable and functionally inefficient. The novelty lies in the fact that much of this central strip is glazed overlooking internal courtyards illuminated by natural light and rich in vegetation. In this way, the stay for both managers and staff can be gratified by the view of the green also internally and by a large amount of light. Our design proposal, through a bioclimatic approach, seeks a spatial quality that cannot be measured only through the architectural composition but through the design of elements for controlling light, temperature, building and air quality. Avoiding the excessive cooling of the walls in winter and excessive heating in the summer, as well as creating healthier environments, has a positive effect on operating costs. The blades of the sunscreen barrier are suitably oriented so that in the winter the light can filter and in the summer it is absorbed or reflected. The system clearly visible in section integrates with the greenhouses which, with the opening of ventilation grilles (with pollen filters) towards the wards, act as ventilation towers. The adjustable grids, placed on the glass of the greenhouses, above the accesses to the rooms and integrated by the vasistas openings of the windows inside the wards, ensure the speed variation of the replacement currents. A curtain system placed inside the window also reduces the greenhouse effect. The cladding with "a wooden skin" created by the shutters on the facade and the sunscreen barrier above the roofs affects the thermal inertia of the building by exploiting the insulating capabilities of the material.